About the Company

Gaia Pets: Vetted, Curated, Trusted
Gaia Pets offers vetted and curated pet products, ensuring your furry friends receive the best care. We prioritize quality and safety, stocking products trusted by professionals and pet owners. Our one-stop online platform provides convenience for all your pet’s needs, from food to supplies. Partnered with Gaia Vets, experienced veterinarians are available for consultations. Trust Gaia Pets for a seamless pet care experience focused on your pet’s well-being.

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Free local shipping for orders above $100.
Free local shipping for orders above $100.
Clear return and refund policy for non-prescription items
Convenient online platform for easy product search and purchase
Vetted and curated pet products for your pet's well-being
Collaborative partnership with Gaia Vets for professional advice and consultations
Dispensary for prescription medication, ensuring safety under veterinary supervision

Price starts from SGD1-203