About the Company

One of the founders were like how all newlyweds are – dreading house chords and especially managing laundry, and they found out that most dryers did not meet their requirements. They felt that there has to be a better way! They just wanted to find a smart and affordable long-term solution to their problem. After much research, investment, and resources added into their project development, the founders have successfully developed an integrated drying system that allows you to get more out of every load from your washing machine, and it dries your clothes like magic!

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Warranty covers 5 years on motor and 2 years on parts
UV disinfection lamp
Exclusive deals available
Onte touch remote control
Up to 50 kg washing load
UV light auto off in 20 mins, heater auto off in 90 mins and fan auto off in 3 hours

Price starts from S$390-590