About the Company

Genny Chia, a passionate and experienced Image Consultant, empowers women to live their best lives and express their true style. With a background in cabin crew and a love for travel, Genny brings a unique perspective to her work. Through Style Infinity Image Consultancy, she combines her expertise with a deep understanding of personal branding, offering clients the tools to elevate their image and confidence. Genny’s dedication to her craft and her clients shines through her years of experience and training under world-renowned Image Masters. She’s committed to helping individuals embrace their potential and create meaningful transformations.

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Personalized Style Transformation: Genny Chia's image consultancy empowers women to curate a stylish wardrobe and elevate personal style, boosting confidence and self-expression.
Expert Guidance: With 15+ years of expertise and certification, Genny provides expert advice for clients to become their own stylists, mastering impactful image creation.
Signature Masterclass: Elevate Your Style Masterclass teaches body type dressing, color selection, and individual style expression for a polished look on any occasion.
Essence Color Mastery: Genny's mini-masterclass on essence colors creates lasting positive impressions through stylish color choices.
Transformative Journey: Genny's approach combines self-discovery and style, enabling clients to elevate their confidence and positivity.
Free Resources: Access seasonal swatches and color palettes to identify ideal colors, plus insightful blog posts for personal styling.
Flexible Options: Choose from masterclasses, workshops, or personalized consultations for a convenient and effective style transformation.

Price upon consultation