About the Company

Hi! I’m Valerie, Certified Children Sleep Consultant at Gentle Snooze
I have worked as a professional in the childcare industry, mainly as an early years educator since 2003 in Paris and London.
Having been through the process of helping my own adopted baby sleep through the night, I was asked by the parents of the toddlers in my care for advices and support with regards to naps and night-time difficulties. I realise that for so many parents sleep, behaviour and nutrition were the most important issues that they were facing with their little ones.

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Free preliminary assessment
Offers Online and on-site consultation
Offers a comprehensive tailored plan with key focus areas such as the sleep hygiene and environment of your child, structuring the day and night, meeting the nutritional, physical, emotional, and sensory needs, managing key transitions and external changes (childcare, parent returning to work etc), some parental coping strategies and age-appropriate settling techniques.

Price starts from S$330-630