About the Company

Gillit Pte Ltd has been established for more than 25 years. A Trusted supplier since 1996 to offer both Carpet & Vinyl Flooring solutions from Home owners to Commercial and MNC/Government Sector. We provide a wide variety of high-end quality Carpet Tiles and Boardroom Carpet for both commercial and residential purposes. Carpet Tiles allow designers to beautify the floor with its variety of patterns and colours. Let us know your requirements and our team can offer professional advice on what’s best for you. We also provide Vinyl flooring solution with professional installation services for all our valuable clients. This allows variety of flooring solutions catering to different needs for our clients.

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Thickness: 5mm
Tiles made In Korea
Our range of products is included in the following but not limited to: Vinyl Plank, Stone Series, Wood Grain Series

Price starts from S$2

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