About the Company

The name GOO.N comes from ぐんぐん (gun-gun). This Japanese phrase refers to a baby’s steady growth. The GOO.N brand name reflects our desire for all babies to keep growing. GOO.N preserves the precious skin of your baby, from their first moments through their transition to potty training. Each active, healthy childhood is filled with unexpected surprises. GOO.N soft and gentle products promote clean, healthy skin, moment to moment. You can trust your baby’s skin is dry and protected.

GoCompare view on GOO.N Diaper

Ability to absorb 6 cups in volume 9 (12 hours) - Express Line in the central absorbent core quickly absorbs and effectively locks liquid
Highly Elastic Waistband
Keep baby's skin dry as air easily passes through
Easier to dispose diaper and environmental friendly

Price starts from $10-155