About the Company

Gooberr was started to help make mommies life a little bit easier one product at a time. It all started with a breast cancer diagnosis in the family which led to a lot research on food and time spent reading ingredient labels. It got us thinking about maybe, if we took care of mommies’ health first, especially when they’ve brought a new life into the world, perhaps we could make a difference there. Because that’s when you pour everything you have into nurturing your baby that moms forget to take care of themselves. So when we say no artificial B.S. or unnecessary additives (like chemical flavorings), we mean it. We are all about sourcing healthy, all natural ingredients as much as possible in creating superfood products that are not only highly nutritious but tastes real good too. Who ever said lactation cookies and teas had to be gross?

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Gift set options: lactation cookies, lactation tea, toy cloth book, Bee Calm lotion - Baked with galactagogues, lactation cookies come in alluring flavours, such as lemon blueberries, earl gray, and dark chocolate decaf
Artisanal, small batch, caffeine free tea blends
Bee Calm lotion is a plant derived product specially formulated for sensitive skins
Free greeting card per gift set
Gift cards available for purchase (denominations: SGD5 - SGD50)

Price starts from S$5-178