About the Company

We are a tribe connected by our passion for sweat, drive for growth and openness to change. We welcome all, and our family is grounded in respect and compassion. We leave our fears, ego and judgement at the door. We believe in practice over perfection, gritty over pretty. Show up, move hard and sweat up a storm – this is our obsession. Come with an open mind and heart. Our classes will test your limits, challenging you to be better than you think you are. Fuelled by music, your energy builds with every beat, guiding you to crushing your goals and intentions.

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Spin classes: Themed class, Ride or Die 45/60
Cleated shoes are provided free of charge
Locker rooms stocked with OMNO hair and skincare products
Our Ride and Resistance rooms are equipped with professional sound and light systems, constructed to provide the most captivating space possible

Price starts from SGD46-5050