About the Company

Hada Labo skincare embraces the philosophy ‘Perfect x Simple’, upholding the basics of lasting beauty: perfection, simplicity and confidence. Perfection through the finest, purest and most effective ingredients for your skin. Simplicity without extra additives or untested ingredients. Confidence in every skin-friendly product. This is the Hada Labo way.

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Regular sampling campaign for starters wanting to try out the products
Skincare products: Cleanser, Mask, Essence, Moisturizer, Lotion
Skincare ranges: Aha + Bha, Hydrating, Perfect Gel, Blemish & Oil Control, Kouji, Premium Hydrating, H.A. Supreme, Lifting + Firming, Premium Whitening
Promotes simplicity without extra additives or untested ingredients (additives, colorants, fragrances or mineral oil)

Price starts from SGD7-51