About the Company

Happy-mummy caters to your needs as caterers for confinement food Singapore.Hiring a reliable confinement food caterer in Singapore is important to let you have a peace of mind. We are a unique confinement food catering company in Singapore that delivers healthiest and delicious confinement meals that suit everyone’s taste buds at the same time serving you the right portions of meal with the essentials healthy diet with our Post – Natal meal in keeping you in good health and shape after confinement period. A trial food package is there for you to try us out.

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Services: Chinese Confinement Food, Herbal Care, Food After Cesarean, Food After Miscarriage, Maternity Food, Postnatal Food, as well as Food Delivery
Provides a variety of dishes in the menu with a combination of Traditional and Modern Food
Healthy home cooking style with no deep fry and less oil (used only moderate portions of sesame seed oil), less salt, and no MSG

Price starts from S$428-2198