About the Company

The secret recipe to Holle’s success in consistently producing premium baby food for more than 80 years is really simple. Naturalness, Quality and Safety are the key ingredients.
Holle, a Swiss brand which is hugely popular in Europe, focuses on ensuring the wholesomeness of its products. It adheres to the highest standards in food nutritional requirements.
Holle’s production lines are modern and use only the newest technology which are ISO certified. Without further ado, we present to you – Love, Comfort and Holle.

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Specialises in organic formula
The milk used in Holle formulas come from cows raised on biodynamic farms which are free from pesticides and synthetic fertilisers.
Demeter and EU organic certified
Contains all the important vitamins, minerals and nutrients that your baby requires for growth and development.
Also offers organic goat's milk for infants

Price starts from S$29-40