About the Company

We offer you an innovative and refreshing approach to home decoration, giving you a wide variety of beautifully design and high quality wallpapers and home decorative product like blinds and curtains. We source our wallpaper designs from all over the world, importing premium wallpaper from famous brands in Korea, Europe and Japan. Our passionate product specialist in our local studio are always at hand to discuss and advise you on your needs and offer tailored made decorating solutions for your selection. We inspire you to create and transform your living or workspace that is unique to you and reflecting your personality; ultimately a beautiful home or workspace you can be proud of. From the minimalist to the modern chic, to the grandiose and the unique – come dive into a world of artistic possibilities that open up your creativity and enjoy your own refreshing living or work space. We at Homelovers aspired to give our discerning customer a lovely home.

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Also offers digital art mural
Wallpaper collections: Brick
Marble -Stone, Children Dream, Cushion & Leather, Damask, Florals, Geometric, Leaf, Naturals, Solid & Plain Colour, Stripes
Our branded and well-designed wallpapers are environmental friendly and easy to install and remove should you wish to refresh your living or work space with new creative ideas

Price starts from S$59-288

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