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Hoover, a trusted household brand for over a century, has been designing powerful and user-friendly cleaning products since 1907. From floor to ceiling and even the air you breathe, Hoover products are known for their innovation and reliability. Hoover’s journey began with Murray Spangler’s invention of the suction sweeper to alleviate his asthma, which led to the creation of the iconic Hoover vacuum cleaner. Today, as part of TTI Floor Care North America, Hoover continues to manufacture high-performance vacuum cleaners for both home and commercial use, offering a comprehensive range of products for various cleaning needs.

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DustVault™ Technology: Captures 99% of dust and fine particles with no loss of suction for continuous cleaning.
ONEPWR™ Lithium-Ion Battery: Provides fade-free power and runtime, allowing cord-free cleaning anywhere, anytime.
Dual Cyclonic DustVault™ System: Ensures optimal cleaning performance on any floor type, from hard floors to carpets.
Multi-Surface Brush Roll: Engineered for effective cleaning on various surfaces, enhancing versatility.
DustTracker™ LED Headlights: Makes it easy to spot dirt and debris, improving visibility during cleaning.
Fingertip Controls: Allows easy adjustment of settings for optimized cleaning on different floor types.
Removable Handheld: Offers quick cleaning solutions for stairs, upholstery, and other areas.
Convenient Wall Mount: Provides easy storage and grab-and-go convenience for the vacuum cleaner.
Three-Year Limited Product Warranty: Ensures reliability and peace of mind for users.

Price starts from S$199-399