About the Company

We sell Locally bred Chins, Syrain Hamster and ND only. We do not sell inbred pets.They are already used to Singapore’s Climate. Our Chins are all pee pan trained. Different chins have different characters and ability. Come play with them and decide which one is more suitable for you. Only chins sold from us are allowed into our shop. Every chin will have their own certificate. We provide services like boarding, grooming and pairing for chins sold from us only.

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Healthy Locally Bred Pets: We exclusively sell locally bred Chins, Syrian Hamsters, and ND pets that are in good health and accustomed to Singapore's climate.
No Inbred Pets: We do not sell inbred pets, ensuring the well-being and genetic integrity of our animals.
Pee Pan Trained Chins: Our Chins are trained to use a pee pan, making them more convenient and easy to care for.
Personalized Selection: Visit our shop and interact with our Chins to find the one that best matches your preferences and lifestyle.
Certificate and Exclusive Services: Each chin sold by us comes with a certificate, and we offer additional services like boarding, grooming, and pairing exclusively for pets purchased from us.

Price upon consultation