About the Company

Hummingbird Music is a boutique music house that produces and curates live music experiences. The Hummingbird brand was first founded in 2013 by Creative Producer / Composer / Arranger / Educator Felix Phang and Vocalist / Songwriter Dawn Wong, specialising in Concept Bands like 1930s Shanghai Jazz outfit The Shanghai Jazz Club, Caribbean Steel Pan group Pan Cats and Gypsy Jazz inspired trio The Lost Tribe. Over the years, Hummingbird has earned a reputation for our unique products and dedication to quality.

GoCompare view on Hummingbird Music

Remarkable for their unique musicality
Covers a wide range of genres, including: Jazz, Pop, Easy Listening, Shanghai Jazz, Gypsy Jazz, Top 40's / Pop, Evergreen, R&B, and many others
Bands/personnels: Dawn Wong, Shanghai Jazz Club, Skylarks, Y String Quartet, The Lost Tribe, Pan Cats

Price starts from S$900-3400