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igloohome smart locks and keyboxes allow home and property owners to grant time-sensitive access to visitors remotely. igloohome is a partner of Airbnb & HomeAway. Our products work offline.

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Integrated with algoPIN™, the technology behind all igloohome devices that lets you grant PIN codes remotely without Wifi
No need to download app and register for an account to receive access via PIN codes
Generated PIN codes do not need to be synced within Bluetooth range to work
Features iglooconnect, a platform for you to integrate your locks with a myriad of services, including managing facility booking, property management, and vacation rental hosting
Products: Push-Pull Mortise, Mortise 2+, Mortise 2, Rim Lock for Metal Gates, Rim Lock for Wooden Doors, Deadbolt 2S Metal Grey, Padlock, Keybox 3, Key Fob, Bridge

Price starts from S$45-769

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