About the Company

ILIFE is a globally renowned manufacturer and innovator specializing in advanced household cleaning devices such as robot vacuums, floor washing machines, and handheld vacuums. Established in 2010, ILIFE has grown into a company with over 1000 employees and 300 engineers, operating in more than 40 countries worldwide. The name “ILIFE” embodies the aspiration for a better life, symbolizing the company’s dedication to delivering cutting-edge, high-quality cleaning solutions to enable people worldwide to achieve cleaner, easier, and smarter lifestyles.

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Double Tank Design Technology: Separate clean water tank (0.7L) and sewage tank (0.5L) with dual-channel water inlet/outlet to prevent sewage secondary pollution.
Intelligent Voice Prompt System: Real-time voice alerts for machine status, low battery, water scarcity, full sewage tank, and cleaning reminders.
Cleaner Roller Design: Soft and hard roller brush combination efficiently cleans different floor materials, stubborn stains, and ground cracks.
Super Long Endurance: Built-in six 3000mAh lithium batteries provide up to 30 minutes of continuous cleaning in standard mode.
Automatic Cleaning Function: Self-cleaning function with one-button operation for convenient maintenance and residual stain removal.
Convenient Charging Tray: Multi-functional tray for charging, storing, and drying the self-cleaning roller, covering a small area.
Washable Filter Screen: Reusable and replaceable sponge filter screen maintains strong suction over time.
Ergonomic Handle Design: Comfortable handle design with water jet button for easy operation and water usage control.
Suction Power: 13000pa suction for effective cleaning performance.
HEPA Filter: Washable and removable HEPA filter for efficient dust filtration.

Price starts from S$658