About the Company

ILIFE is a globally renowned manufacturer and innovator specializing in advanced household cleaning devices such as robot vacuums, floor washing machines, and handheld vacuums. Established in 2010, ILIFE has grown into a company with over 1000 employees and 300 engineers, operating in more than 40 countries worldwide. The name “ILIFE” embodies the aspiration for a better life, symbolizing the company’s dedication to delivering cutting-edge, high-quality cleaning solutions to enable people worldwide to achieve cleaner, easier, and smarter lifestyles.

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Advanced self-emptying station for hassle-free automatic dustbin emptying.
Extensive support and warranty options for peace of mind.
Precise navigation technology ensures thorough cleaning paths.
Customizable cleaning options with multiple modes and water levels.
Flexible control with app, Alexa, and Google Assistant integration.
Quiet operation ensures minimal disturbance during cleaning.
Convenient scheduling for tailored cleaning routines.
Compact design fits easily into any home.
Versatile functionality with the ability to handle various surfaces and obstacles.
Powerful suction for effective dirt and debris removal.
Large dust bag capacity for extended cleaning sessions.

Price starts from S$399-999