About the Company

Image Avenue specializes in personal image management, corporate grooming and business etiquette programmes in Singapore. We are committed to assist you and your business to project the winning image. Our services, which include one-to-one consultations, workshops, talks and seminars, are designed to ensure that men and women project the best image. We help you develop a strong first impression and professional presence through personal branding, image and wardrobe management, grooming, etiquette, business protocol and communication skills.

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Personalized Image Consultation: Begin with a complimentary 15-minute phone consultation to discuss your image goals. Tailored recommendations to help you feel confident and look your best.
Colour Analysis: Discover your best colours for clothing, hair, makeup, and accessories. Learn how wearing the right colours can transform your looks and attitude, making a positive first impression.
Makeup and Personal Grooming: Enhance your looks with practical makeup techniques for everyday use. Learn fuss-free skincare routines for healthy skin, creating a strong foundation for great makeup.
Bodyline & Style Analysis: Understand your body shape to dress to impress. Learn how to accentuate your assets and find clothes that flatter your figure. Discover the right hairstyle and accessories to complete your unique style.
Wardrobe Audit & Management: Organize your wardrobe effectively. Learn why you keep wearing the same outfits and create a versatile collection that suits your body shape, lifestyle, and budget.
Personal Shopping: Save time and find the right clothes. Get assistance in choosing outfits that match your purpose, budget, and style. No more wasting time in malls or buying unflattering garments.
Deportment, Social Graces & Professional Protocol: Beyond clothing, learn personal conduct and body language. Improve posture, handshakes, small talk, mingling, and networking skills for confident and professional interactions.
Dining Etiquette: Master dining manners for various settings. Learn proper use of cutlery in western and Chinese dining, techniques for tricky foods, and eating with grace to leave a lasting impression.

Price starts from S$300-500