About the Company

Image Avenue specializes in personal image management, corporate grooming and business etiquette programmes in Singapore. We are committed to assist you and your business to project the winning image. Our services, which include one-to-one consultations, workshops, talks and seminars, are designed to ensure that men and women project the best image. We help you develop a strong first impression and professional presence through personal branding, image and wardrobe management, grooming, etiquette, business protocol and communication skills.

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Transformational Experience: A 2.5-hour session designed to help you transform your self-image and enhance your overall appearance.
Success and Image Connection: Learn how your image impacts your success and discover the factors that can either build or harm your image.
Personal Grooming and Colour Analysis: Get insights into basic skincare routines and understand the psychology and significance of colors in your clothing choices.
Best Colors and Coordination: Identify your best colors to enhance your attractiveness and gain practical knowledge on how to coordinate colors effectively.
Personal Style Development: Discover your unique wardrobe personality and create a personal style that reflects your qualities, personality, and lifestyle.
Personal Branding: Learn how to create your personal brand, giving you a competitive edge in your personal and professional life.
Face Shape and Styling: Understand your face shape and learn how to choose the right hairstyles, glasses, ties, and collars that complement your features.
Wardrobe Essentials: Gain insights into selecting and wearing shirts, trousers, jackets, ties, and other wardrobe essentials.
Fit and Combining Patterns: Discover how to find the right fit from top to bottom and master the art of combining colors and patterns for maximum visual impact.
Confidence and Poise: Develop confidence and poise through personalized styling and grooming advice.

Price starts from S$400