About the Company

Image & You is a leading image consultancy firm providing comprehensive services for individuals of all ages, including kids, teens, and adults. With a mission to empower clients through enhanced personal and professional image, the company offers workshops like “The Professional Boost!” covering visual impact, color analysis, dressing tips, and etiquette. Led by highly professional consultants, Image & You caters to the unique needs and goals of each client, aiming to elevate confidence and success through improved image and self-presentation skills across all age groups.

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Empowering working professionals: Image & You's workshops are designed to empower working professionals, including jobseekers, moms returning to the workforce, sales executives, front desk/service staff, and banking/finance executives.
Comprehensive workshop: The Professional Boost! workshop covers a wide range of subjects, including visual impact, color analysis, professional dressing tips, and professional and dining etiquette.
Customizable workshops: Image & You offers personalized and customizable workshops, allowing clients to choose topics that best suit their staff's needs and goals.
Professional expertise: The consultancy services are led by highly professional consultants with expertise in image management, color analysis, and etiquette, ensuring the workshops are informative and impactful.

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