About the Company

ImageXchange, led by Principal Trainer Kitty Sani Barrett, offers workshops, courses, and training in communication, body language, NLP, Coaching, and ICF Certification, catering to men, women, businesses, and staff. With over 20 years of experience in Marketing Communication, Events & Promotions Management, and Corporate Training, Kitty empowers clients to create their personal and professional branding, projecting suitable images for enhanced career success and interpersonal interactions. The company also collaborates with experienced associate trainers, like Trina Teo, an Executive Coach specializing in career change, leadership, and personal branding, guiding individuals and corporate leaders toward exceptional transformations and success.

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Dress for Success: Learn how to present the best version of yourself through personal branding and gentleman wardrobe tips.
Winning Impressions: Enhance your image to succeed in various situations, from job interviews and promotions to attracting the people you admire.
Color Mastery: Discover how to use colors effectively to project the right image, whether it's approachability or authority.
Wardrobe Coordination: Learn to select and coordinate your wardrobe for maximum visual impact.
Body and Face Shape: Identify the right dress style, hair style, and eyewear that suit your unique features.
Dressing Rules: Get insights into business attire dos and don'ts, and how to avoid top image destroyers.
Decoding Dress Codes: Understand various dress codes for different occasions and events.
Flexible Options: One-to-one training sessions are available, and workshops can be tailored to specific image and etiquette topics.
Professional Guidance: Benefit from experienced trainers and personalized sessions to refine your image and style.

Price starts from S$98