About the Company

ImageXchange, led by Principal Trainer Kitty Sani Barrett, offers workshops, courses, and training in communication, body language, NLP, Coaching, and ICF Certification, catering to men, women, businesses, and staff. With over 20 years of experience in Marketing Communication, Events & Promotions Management, and Corporate Training, Kitty empowers clients to create their personal and professional branding, projecting suitable images for enhanced career success and interpersonal interactions. The company also collaborates with experienced associate trainers, like Trina Teo, an Executive Coach specializing in career change, leadership, and personal branding, guiding individuals and corporate leaders toward exceptional transformations and success.

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Personal Branding Workshop: Learn to create your own personal branding through colour, image, and style workshops. Discover how to wear your best colours, minimize figure flaws, manage your wardrobe, and develop a unique style that reflects your personality.
Body Shape and Style Analysis: Understand your body shape (H, A, T, V, X, etc.) and learn to select styles that flatter your figure. Receive personalized analysis of face shapes, glasses, hairstyles, and body shapes to create a harmonious and complementary look.
Beautiful MUMS Workshop: Specifically designed for new mothers, this workshop focuses on helping them get back in shape and style confidently. Covering colour, figure, and face shape analysis, as well as wardrobe personality, this workshop empowers moms to feel great and look fabulous.
Customized Workshops: ImageXchange offers a range of workshops beyond the mentioned topics. Feel free to request workshops that suit your image and etiquette needs.
Flexible Training Options: One-to-one training sessions are available for personalized attention. Workshops can be conducted in-house or at external training facilities, providing flexibility for professional development.
Convenient Booking Process: Book your seat for public workshops through an easy online process. A minimum of 15 participants is required to commence a session. For corporate or professional workshops, get in touch to discuss your requirements.

Price starts from S$98