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Established in 2017 C.Inhaus provides customized solutions to make homeowners’ dream home smarter, more efficient and convenient through working with the most intuitive smart home automation system like Lutron. With a strong belief that every home is different, we seek to collaborate and innovate together with each client to create their dream smart home that is perfect.

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Tailored solutions: Inhaus offers personalized smart automation solutions to meet individual needs and budget.
Gradual integration: Customers can start with any room and gradually expand their smart ecosystem over time.
Complete home automation: Inhaus can create a comprehensive home automation system from scratch for a holistic approach.
Energy efficiency: The company focuses on intelligent smart homes that are energy-efficient, promoting sustainability.
Safety and security: Inhaus provides peace of mind with smart solutions for home security, even when away.
Convenience: Motorized curtains and blinds offer comfort at the touch of a button.
Limitless entertainment: Enjoy a wide range of entertainment options in the comfort of a smart home.
Expertise in networking: Inhaus specializes in setting up central systems for seamless smart home connectivity.
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