Inspect First

About the Company

Inspect First (Singapore) Pte Ltd was established in 1999 with the aim of protecting the rights of homeowners. Being the pioneers in this field, we have successfully empowered thousands of homeowners in Singapore through our trusted home inspection reporting system. Our claim of being independent is an assurance to you that our services are unbiased and accurate. We have a strong team of inspectors who are highly qualified and experienced in the areas of architectural, electrical and plumbing systems. One and a half decades later, we have optimized and perfected our service standards to ensure that your needs are always met; all because we care about your home too.

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Inspect First™ conducts comprehensive assessments on properties, identifying defects and unacceptable workmanship finishes within three specific fields - architecture, mechanical (plumbing) and electrical systems
Our inspectors can also serve as expert witnesses in the court of law in the event of legal disputes during the rectification phase
Our inspectors will ensure that the property adheres to the the stringent guidelines of the Building and Construction Authority (BCA)
The assessment will be supported with a report which can be used by the homeowner to initiate the rectification process

Price starts from S$680-930