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Established in 2007, Inspire Mum & Baby is a holistic centre offering a wide range of services for women as they advance through life, from prenatal to motherhood. We have walked alongside thousands of mothers through their pregnancy and childbirth journey, supported them as they took their first steps into parenthood and cared for them during their postnatal recovery period. With our established swimming programme, we have also nurtured many children from as young as infants into competent swimmers, and assisted many women in their fitness regime with our fitness classes. Inspire Mum & Baby also houses Singapore’s first WATSU® practitioner, and is one of the few pioneers in Singapore for infant swimming from as young as 2 months old.

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Offers a wide range of services for birth, swimming, fitness, and therapy for women, baby, and kids
Prenatal topics include birth plans and birth options, stages of labour and techniques for natural birthing and partner-assisted massage techniques to reduce the need for pain relief
Postnatal topics include postnatal care, breastfeeding and baby care
Flexible arrangements: you can opt to join individual modules, or attend all 4 as a package

Price starts from S$50-1750

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