About the Company

Intriq Journey is created to be the ideal travel specialist that we’d spent years searching for ourselves. Based in Singapore, Hong Kong and Beijing, Asia is our home, and the world, our playground. We have decades of experience designing tours to unique destinations once thought inaccessible, long before they were noticed by the rest of the world. We take great pride in our deep understanding of our travellers needs and desires, showing them a side of Asia they would never have been able to explore on their own whilst connecting them to the best of what the world has to offer.

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Also offers honeymoon packages and small group tours
Offers a fully personalised itinerary and supports sustainable tourism
Destinations: China, South East Asia, North East Asia, Indian Subcontinent, Middle East & North Africa, Central Asia & Caucasus, Africa, Europe, Australasia, South & Central America, North America, Antarctica & Arctic
Experience: Cruise, Rail Journeys, Nature & Wildlife, History & Culture, Gourmet & Wine, Outdoor & Adventure, Winter Wonderland, Off The Beaten, Relaxing Getaways, Family Travel
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