About the Company

IRIS Ohyama is a leading organization and manufacturer in Japan, renowned for designing and producing high-quality houseware products. They are known for their innovative technologies and commitment to providing reliable and efficient solutions for household needs.

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Extremely lightweight design at 1.2 kg for easy handling and maneuverability.
Intelligent Dust Detection Sensor Indicator to alert users about dust levels for efficient cleaning.
Power Automatically Adjustable feature for versatile cleaning on different surfaces.
Captures up to 99% of Micro Dust particles for thorough cleaning.
Fast Charge in 3 hours for quick recharging and minimal downtime.
AG+ Disposable Dust Bag for hygienic dust collection and easy disposal.
Anti-bacterial and deodorant Non-Woven Cloth Dust Pack for maintaining cleanliness.
Continuous Using Time: Maximum for 30 mins (In Auto Mode), Charge Time: About 3 Hours.
Warranty coverage for manufacturing defects, excluding damage from incorrect use or physical impact.

Price starts from S$149-249