About the Company

Joydom is a trusted one-stop solution for a wide range of residential, industrial and commercial maintenance services and household repair needs. A strong and professional technical team are always well-prepared to assist our customers at the first place. Our team composed of a highly skilled handyman. We are one of the Top 5 reliable handyman services company in Singapore, known for the quality of our workmanship and professional reliability to ensure that the job will be done effectively and efficiently. We believe in keeping our customers satisfied is by providing them with good quality of work and service at an affordable rate! With our own professional technical staff and a strong team by Joydom Engineering, we can resolve any handyman services and home maintenance work for you.

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Provides 30-day warranty
Ready to supply as well as install materials
Specialises in different fields such as handyman, aircon, electrical, plumbing, carpentry, door & windows services, tiling, waterproofing service as well as the painting service
Carpentry services: Replacing kitchen cabinet, paint varnishing dining table and any other furniture, fixing, replacing or installing cabinet handle and hinge, door alignment, assemble shelve, mounting vanity mirrors etc

Price upon request

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