About the Company

Kaiser+ has started business since 2004 as a lock company in Korea. Based on advanced technology and accumulated know-how, Kaiser+ was established as a leading company in the digital door lock market. We are treating our customers with trust and honesty. We promise you to provide best quality Digital Locks at a reasonable price. The delivery speed also will not disappoint you. Today, we are developing Digital Door Locks applied with Smart Home automation and IOT Technology to the Smart Internet system Trend. We are exporting to 50 dealers in 10 countries and expanding new markets to accommodate consumer demands worldwide. Kaiser+ will secure the best technology through constant research and development so we can satisfy customers with quality.

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Products: Push-Pull / Mortise Lock, Grill Gate Lock, Glass Door Lock, Rim Lock
Specially designed and innovated to match Singapore’s metal gates and main door
Comes with 3 in 1 functions, new generation fingerprint scanner, RFID cards, number password, for use on wooden doors

Price starts from S$299-919

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