About the Company

As goat milk is our core product, we are devoted to ensuring babies get the best and most natural nutrition. 100% sourced from our own farms, we know where every drop comes from and our processes maximise its natural goodness from farm to home. Chosen and recognised by families across the Asia-pacific region over the past decades, Karihome is the first goat IMF to be approved by the European Food Safety Authority (EFSA).
So moms, when you choose Karihome, you choose to give the best foundation for your family’s growing years.

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Specialises in organic goat's milk for toddlers
High levels of natural nucleotides that are essential for the overall growth and development.
High ẞ-casein and medium chain fatty acids for more efficient digestion and absorption.
DHA and a host of essential vitamins for your child's growing years
Use of 100% whole goat milk and our gentle processing system preserves more natural nutrition.

Price starts from S$23-57