About the Company

Here at Kleepers, we believe in being different. Unlike most cleaning companies that hire freelance cleaners without proper training, we believe in providing top quality service to our customers. That is why each individual goes through a selection process before we equip them with the necessary skills involved in cleaning modern homes. Our in-house training program for our helpers is specially designed by our Taiwanese & Japanese partners. To add on, our helpers also follow a proper cleaning protocol when we visit your home. So whenever you schedule an appointment with us, you can be sure to expect excellent results every single time.

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Scope of work includes: All areas dusted - on top, on front and underneath, Air-con exterior and filters, Vacuuming, mopping and cleaning of floor and dust boards, Wiping of cabinet interiors and shelves if it’s empty, Degrease and clean cooker hood and hob, Deep clean exterior of oven, stove, Interior & exterior of Refrigerator, Toilet bowls, Bathtub and/or shower area, etc