About the Company

Koble is a forward-thinking company established in 2016, dedicated to simplifying life through smart solutions. With the Koble Smart Home System launched in 2017, they offer a seamless platform connecting all home devices via a user-friendly phone app. As a trusted smart home solutions provider, Koble customizes automation products to meet individual needs, providing unmatched convenience, comfort, and security for a smarter home experience. They have partnered with reputable organizations such as the Singapore Land Authority, Housing Development Board, and completed projects for the Migrant Worker Onboarding Centre.

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Koble offers a range of smart products and services, including lighting, air conditioner, and switches, smart curtains and blinds, smart window, door, and gate solutions, security and sensors, and small home appliances.
Koble's user-friendly app, offering scene control, scheduling, automation rules, Siri shortcuts, family sharing, security features, voice control, and the ability to manage multiple properties all in one place.
Emphasis on Data Privacy: Compliant with Personal Data Protection Act, AES 128 encryption for all devices.
Seamless Smart Home Journey: End-to-end solution for easy setup and customer advocacy.
Customized Approach: Tailored offerings based on customer needs and lifestyle.
User-Friendly: Simple and hassle-free smart home experience.
Trustworthy Brand: Highly regarded as a friend in tech with flexible and customer-centric service.
We collaborate with top brands like Bose, Dyson, Google Assistant, Amazon Alexa, and more to bring you a premium smart home experience.

Price starts from S$1600-5800

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