About the Company

We are the Singapore’s largest distributor of high quality doors & gates manufacturers. All we offer – and do better than most – is sold, installed, and provided. Our objective is to be “the most trusted distributor of our market sales and services,” and we are living through that! Laminate door is a top leading door and gate manufacturer in Singapore. We are the innovators of top leading Anti-bacterial laminate doors, Laminate gate and Wall Art Design Gate (WAG). We are proud to be the pioneer in this leading interior design doors & gate manufacturing sector. We have an excellent craftsmanship unit. You will receive a top notch customer service from our company. We are here to fulfill your needs. We are the masters in merging your thoughts into our products. Your safety is our priority so here we offer you top brand digital smart locks for your doors as well as your gates.

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Special promotions and steal deal bundles available
Offers Fire rated doorsets that fits as HDB main doors
Highly Resistant Door offered in bright colours with convenient door installation. Features flame proof design and sturdy handle that is non corrosive and scratch resistant
Offers the installation of Main Door, Bedroom Door, Kitchen Door, Wooden BiFold Door, Double Equal Door

Price starts from S$470-1588

1,237 reviews