About the Company

Le Interior Affairs is a fast-growing interior designing firm formed by a group of creatives from different backgrounds, who are driven by a common goal. To tailor your perfect home with your vision that will meet your needs. We strive to create solutions that is tailored to your needs and wants in the most cost and time efficient manner. Since the start of our Le Interior Affairs, our proudest fulfillment is facilitating the formation of a tight knit community with all our client. For each project, we not only looking forward to the fruition of our client’s beautiful home, but also the life-long friendship we gained through the journey.

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Workflow: Free defects check, Quotation, Space Planning, Design proposal, Contract, Colour Selection, Material Selection, 3D Renderings, Project Schedule
Provides realistic 3D visuals demonstrating conceptual design before confirmation
Builds long-term relationships with clients
After-sales services

Price upon consultation

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