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A Wedding Essential Boutique with a wide range of Guo Da Li, Dowry, Bed Setting, Hair Combing items, Moneyboxes, Red Packets, Exquisite Tea Sets, Wedding Favors, Guestbook Pens, Ring Pillows and many more

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Sells a la carte wedding essentials
Services: Wedding Planning, Wedding Catering (By Four Seasons Catering ), Wedding Photography ( By Acapella ), Wedding Videography ( By Shiwei ), Wedding Bakery ( By Pine Garden ), Wedding Bridal Boutique (By La Belle Couture), Wedding Shoes ( By Stardust with love), Wedding Dai Kam Jie ( By Winnie)
Packages: Betrothal Set, Dowry Set, Bed Setting Set, Dowry Tea Set, Wedding Ceremony Set, Souvenir & Display Set, Double Happiness Red

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