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Established in 1958, LG Electronics has been at the forefront of technological innovation, leveraging its expertise in manufacturing home appliances like radios and TVs to lead the way into the digital era. Throughout the 21st century, LG Electronics has introduced numerous groundbreaking products and applied cutting-edge technologies in mobile devices and digital TVs, solidifying its position as a global leader in the electronics industry.

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Motorised dust compression system for thorough cleaning and hygienic dust control.
Dust Compression System reduces dust particles escaping during emptying, ensuring cleaner disposal.
Sani Punch vacuum head designed to eliminate dust mites from furniture and bedding.
Carbon HEPA filter traps 99.95% of microscopic particles for cleaner air.
Dual battery pack for uninterrupted cleaning performance.
Power Drive™ Steam Mop feature for effective stain removal and comprehensive cleaning.
Wide Slim Nozzle with LED light for cleaning narrow and hard-to-reach spaces.
Smart Living integration with LG ThinQ™ app for monitoring and diagnostics.
Various nozzles and tools included for versatile cleaning options.

Price starts from S$814-1665

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