About the Company

LIFE TECH SG (LTSG) is your smart home/office automation specialist, offering a wide range of trusted brands like Broadlink, HomeAuto, Line8, MÖWE, Ring, and Wiser. Visit our spacious smart experience centre with demo rooms and a demo kitchen to explore and choose your ideal automation setup. From individual items to complete home/office automation, LTSG ensures your smart home/office dream becomes a reality, providing genuine and affordable services without hidden costs or overpricing. Get smart with us today.

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Smart Home/Office Automation Specialists
Trusted Brands: Broadlink, HomeAuto, Line8, MÖWE, Ring, Wiser, and more
Spacious Smart Experience Centre with Demo Rooms and Demo Kitchen
Customized Automation Solutions: From single items to full home/office automation
Transparent Pricing: No hidden costs or overpricing
Genuine Services at Affordable Prices
Expert Guidance: Call or visit for personalized discussions

Price starts from S$1399-1799

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