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Established in 2000, London Weight Management is an establishment that has more than a decade of proven track records in providing result-driven slimming solutions for ladies battling weight issues. Well-known for conceptualizing and implementing an extensive range of breakthrough technologies, London Weight Management’s outstanding weight loss expertise remains highly sought-after despite pervasive competition in the industry. Serving solely ladies, experience promising results* to meet your individual needs.

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Every treatment at London Weight Management consists of a one-on-one consultation and detailed body fat analysis.
Customised slimming programme which effectively targets your weight problems, and a comprehensive diet plan will be devised for you.
Enjoy a soothing cup of Express Matcha tea after your treatment to continue eliminating bloat and excess fluids. You will also receive a customised ampoule for home use to prolong the treatment’s effects.
Special promotion for first timers.

Price starts from S$900

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