About the Company

Luce Maintenance Group started off few years ago as a small startup in a 250 square foot office. We began with a small number of staff, flyers, and a mother’s dream of helping others out.
For the past 16 years, however, we have been working to continuously improve the quality of our work and expand our range of services.
Now, we are the preferred provider of cleaning and maintenance to over 400 local companies and 1,000 Singaporean households. We’ve had clients like Berkshire Hathaway, the Ministry of Home Affairs, and the Spanish Embassy.
We provide professional cleaners and technicians to assist our clients in their homes and offices. Our range of services includes general cleaning, air-conditioning, pest control, floor polishing and carpet cleaning.
Luce Home is the proud home cleaning service provider of Luce Maintenance Group, and we are trusted for our consistency in professional excellence and quality assurance. We’re always looking for new clients and partners on our journey to expand our customer network, and we’d love you to come with us!

Views from Luce Home

Services: Part-Time Maid, Ad-Hoc Cleaning, Spring Cleaning, Moving In / Out Cleaning
Thorough cleaning of all household surfaces
Professional and experienced team of cleaners
Fast and efficient spring cleaning
100% satisfaction guaranteed
No hidden fees or sign-up costs