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With four decades of experience, Mango is one of the leaders in the fashion industry in Europe. From Barcelona, on the shores of the Mediterranean, we fall in love with the world with our fashion proposal and our lifestyle. Mango’s creative team works, day by day, to translate the great Fashion trends, which we send to our customers with personalized attention and attention to detail. A global team brings to life stores, online, operations, shopping and technology, with an eye to the future to generate a positive impact and generate a positive impact on our environment. We are Mango. We create fashion.

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Collections: Jewellery, Wallets and cases, Belts, Sunglasses, Scarves and foulards, Hats and gloves
Choosing more respectful materials, encouraging processes with a lower environmental impact, promoting circular design practices, reducing our footprint and being an example of equal opportunity

Price starts from SGD19-90

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