About the Company

At Marian’s Lactation Boost, we specialize in helping mummies to boost their milk supply with our goodies. 90% of our mummies have benefited from our goodies and have seen an increase in not just the quantity but also the quality of their breast milk. We have a wide range of products, ranging from lactation cookies, lactation muffins, lactation brownies and even lactation ice cream!! We provide customization packages for mummies to suit their breastfeeding goals.

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Lactogenic ingredients used, such as: Brewer's Yeast, Oats, Wheatgerm, Flaxseed, Oats Milk, Coconut Products, Chia Seeds, Ground Fennel Seeds
Our bakes are made from 11 different natural galactagogues that really meet your needs
Aside from lactation bakes, Marian also serves Lactation Cold Pressed Juice, Lactation Ice Cream / Overnight Oats, Lactation Tea, Oats Milk, and Pregnancy Bakes / Tea

Price starts from S$30-520

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