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No matter it is new or old, every house has some defects. New homes that have just received the T.O.P. will have defects related to workmanship, construction processes, quality of materials and components used, and the architectural design deficiencies. That is why the handing-over documents include a Homeowner’s defect list to fill up over the DLP. With over 500 items to check, our service will assure you that your home is in good working condition, and if anything major or minor is uncovered, we will bring it to your attention. People will send the re-sale car for a mechanical inspection before they decided to buy with a 0.5% of the vehicle cost. Buying a new home is one of the largest investments of a lifetime and It is understand that you may have some concerns about the condition of your new home, so why don’t engage a professional and highly qualified inspector to ensures peace of mind and protect your investment with less than 0.1% of your new home cost.

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Guaranteed affordable cost
Inspections can be conducted within 2 days of the appointment confirmation
Compile a comprehensive inspection report within seven working days of the inspection
Completely independent, we can assure you that every inspection is conducted in a professional and unbiased manner
Conduct a comprehensive assessment that identifies defects and unacceptable workmanship finishes
Our inspectors will issue relevant markings on the defective items (using coloured stickers) as indication for rectification. Digital photographs of the defects will also be captured to support the findings
An inspection by an experienced, highly qualified inspector ensures peace of mind and your investment is protected
Our inspectors will ensure that your property adheres to the stringent guidelines of the Building and Construction Authority (BCA)
Two copies of the report will be provided to you (your copy with the attached photographs and the second copy to be submitted to the developer) in order to conduct the rectification work

Price upon consultation