About the Company

We are a cat friendly co working space that includes the benefits of a traditional co-working space with the companionship and relaxation provided by cats. Apart from a few of our resident cats there, all our cats in the space are adoptable.
The space is designed for people who enjoy working in the company of cats or who simply need a break from their work to pet and interact with a furry friend.
You’ll find a comfortable workspace with desks, chairs, and all the necessary amenities for working remotely, such as high-speed internet, meeting and lounge rooms and unlimited light refreshments.
Aside from the benefits of having a furry companion around, our space also provides a relaxed and comfortable atmosphere that promotes productivity and creativity.
It’s an excellent alternative to traditional co-working spaces, especially for those who are looking for a more relaxing and less formal work environment.

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Cat-friendly co-working space with resident and adoptable cats.
Enjoy the companionship and relaxation of cats while working.
Comfortable workspace with necessary amenities and high-speed internet.
Amenities: Full karaoke system, Switch Console Games, Movies, Lounge

Price starts from S$10-250