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MEROSKIN is a beauty and wellness spa geared towards the modern women and men. We have the most respected skin specialists who have more than a decade of experience in both new technologies and traditional treatments. We are also equipped with the latest technologies in our equipment, to provide clients with state of the art treatment and comfort. Together with our range of high quality products, our clients are assured with a great quality experience. We are passionate about all that we do and carry products that really work on every skin type by harnessing the potent powers of the finest ingredients. Our knowledge, integrity and reputation in skincare consulting allows us to be one of the most trusted skincare retail brand in the market. We listen to our clients’ needs carefully and advise appropriately. Our commitment is to give clients the most healthy, natural looking skin possible.

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Treatment with Super Hair Removal (SHR) technology that uses low-intensity light to remove unwanted hair quickly, effectively and is almost painless
Hair removal treatments: SHR Brazilian Area Super Hair Removal, SHR Underarm Super Hair Removal, SHR Facial Area Super Hair Removal, SHR Thigh or Lower Leg Super Hair Removal, SHR Full Arm or Thigh & Leg Super Hair Removal, SHR Upper or Lower Half Arm Super Hair Removal

Price starts from SGD90-400

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