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Midea specializes in air treatment, refrigeration, laundry, large cooking appliances, large and small kitchen appliances, water appliances, floor care, and lighting. Established in 1968, Midea (SZ:000333) is a publicly listed and, ranked as a Forbe’s Global Fortune 500 company (#253). Midea offers one of the most comprehensive ranges in the home appliance industry. Midea is headquartered in Southern China, but is a truly global company with over 150,000 employees and operations in more than 195 countries.

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4-in-1 Functionality: Integrates sweeping, rolling, vacuuming, and mopping capabilities in one device for comprehensive cleaning.
Side Brushes: Equipped with side brushes to effectively sweep corners and edges, ensuring thorough cleaning of all areas.
BLDC Motor: Utilizes a Brushless Direct Current (BLDC) motor to generate strong suction power, up to 4KPA, for efficient dust and debris removal.
Water Tank: Features an electronic-controlled water tank with adjustable water flow levels, typically around 450ml capacity, for mopping hard floors.
App Control: Offers Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity for quick app access, allowing users to schedule cleaning times and receive OTA firmware updates.
Washable Dustbin: Designed with a washable dustbin that can be easily cleaned with water, ensuring hassle-free maintenance and hygiene.

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