About the Company

Welcome to House of Modparade, where we believe that magic happens when you are doing what you love the most. We create high-quality articles of clothing that could be comfortably worn for a long time (and would look good while doing so).
Our designs are thoughtfully designed and made in modern articulations that are perfect for any occasion. At Modparade, we strive to make our clothes thoughtfully, from the cut of the pieces to the artful ease of how they fit together. We want our customers to feel like everything about their outfit is just right—from the way their pants hug their hips to the way their blouse flows over their shoulders.
We’re always evolving, too! From season to season, you’ll find new articles of clothing that fit seamlessly into your wardrobe because they complement your existing pieces perfectly.
We believe that looking good should be accessible and affordable for everyone—and it should last forever. At Modparade, we want nothing more than for your new favorite piece to become an old favorite piece…one that makes you feel confident and happy every time you wear it!


Views from Modparade

Men's collections: Tops, shirts, tees
Bundle deals and special offers available
Also offers couple CNY-themed outfits
One-of-a-kind in-house print designs