About the Company

Monster Pet Vet’s Humble Beginning Started In 2010 And Is Currently Led By 2 Sisters. The Name “Monster” Came About From The Frequent Use Of The Nickname Both Sisters Playfully Called Their Pets. Needless To Say. The First-Ever Rescued Kitten Adopted From The Clinic Was Proudly Named “Monster” Monster Pet Vet Prides Itself On Its Compassionate Care And Ethics In Which We Strive To Provide The Utmost Care For Your Pets’ Medical Needs.

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The clinic is open on some public holidays, please call a few days in advance of the holiday to find out
Operating via an appointment-based system. We accomodate walk-in consultations but do call us before making your way to our clinic
Services: General Medical Services, Diagnostic Laboratory, General Medical Services, Diagnostic Laboratory, Hospital, Adjunctive Therapy

Price upon consultation