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With over 40 years of experience as an established private hospital in Singapore, we have a group of specialised obstetricians who treat patients at both Mount Elizabeth Orchard and Mount Elizabeth Novena – both award-winning hospitals with modern equipment and facilities. Our multidisciplinary team of medical specialists, nurses, lactation consultants and nutritionists will guide you through your entire pregnancy journey with care and professionalism, so you can experience the joy of bringing a new life into the world with peace of mind. Take your first step towards better health today by making an enquiry or appointment with us below, and experience the quality, customised healthcare that has made us one of the most trusted medical institutions in the Asia-Pacific.

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Comprehensive one-day programme held on Saturdays (Mount Elizabeth Hospital) and small group classes held over two Saturdays (Mount Elizabeth Novena Hospital)
Activity highlights: ands-on practices using baby mannequins and participative demonstration
Classes provide hands-on skills on infant bathing, diaper change, burping, breastfeeding positions, reducing engorgement and blocked ducts using a breast model,conducting prenatal, intrapartum and postnatal care
Light refreshments are provided

Price starts from S$200-250

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