About the Company

Mummy’s Massage leading prenatal and postnatal massage therapy company of Singapore. Our primary focus is to work with women especially mothers on their reproductive health through massage therapy and related treatments. Unlike regular spas or companies offering recreational massage, Mummy’s Massage specialises only in massage therapy in the niche of women’s reproductive health. With our mother-focused approach, we provide support for the recovery and wellness of women through pregnancy, miscarriages, postnatal period as well as in the management of menstruation, menopause and slimming.

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Services: Prenatal Massage, Postnatal Massage, Jamu Massage, Miscarriages, Postpartum Slimming, Fertility Massage, Womb Massage
Each Postnatal Package Will Come With a FREE Complimentary Set of: Lemongrass / Ginger Massage Oil, Bengkung Belly Cream / Lotion, Jamu Herbal Bath, Batik Bengkung BellyBind™, Feminine Herbal Wash
All therapist are certified with Diploma or Certificates in massage with specialisation in postnatal massage

Price starts from S$338-4488

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